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Farm to table source of natural oils
From the heartland of Australia


We produce over 200 tonnes of refined vegetable oil and 300 tonnes of vegetable protein meal per day for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industries.Riverina Natural Oils is the US subsidiary of Riverina Oils &BioEngery (ROBE) – a custom built state-of-the-art oilseed crushing and refining plant located in Australia's agricultural heartland.


Partnered with the Non GMO Project, Riverina Natural Oils is a leader in providing non gmo oil to the US market. We have created an efficient and dependable supply chain and offer our oil in bulk shipments as well as totes, drums, 35lb cubes and retail sizes.


Our plant is one of the only dedicated Non GMO plants in the world and we are proud to be a Non GMO Project compliant partner. Our location in the heart of the most productive oilseed growing region in Australia has given us preferred access to an abundant supply of Non GMO canola seeds.


ROBE supplies Certified Non GM Canola Oil to Australia's leading food manufacturers in bulk tankers direct from our Wagga Wagga facility.


The Plant is now fully operationaly and is producing world class, quality products. Full integration ensures that ROBE is one of the more cost efficient producers in Australia.


ROBE has installed state of the art technology and equipment from renowned supplier of high performance plants, Desmet Ballestra.


ROBE is one of the largest value added food/agricultural investments in Australia in the last 5 years. It is a project of State significance in NSW and is one of the largest regional investments .

Non-GMO Story

ROBE is the first and only Australian Edible Oil company to have attained full Non GM certification from FoodChain Global in the USA.


ROBE is Australia's only Certified Non GM Canola Oil manufacturing plant, strategically located in the agricultural hub of the Riverina, Australia.

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